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Video Editing & DVD Authoring at Bizemedia
Have some video material you need edited for a presentation or promotion? Then look no further, here at Bizemedia we have at hand the most sophisticated Non Linear Editing Suite available at a very reasonable price.

We have just upgraded the latest software to our Editing system from Avid. It is now the most powerful system currently available and is capable of over 1000+ live effects. Special effects include full 3-D, light sourced efx with alpha mattes, colour grading and dynamic slow-motion all in real time. From simple clip editing to full broadcast TV commercials or program making this system can handle any project, at any budget on any format.

More than just a Video Editor it can also Author DVDs direct from the editing timeline, which means once the edit is finished you can have it on DVD in seconds. We also have more complex Authoring if required. The software we employ is all specially designed for Video, Multimedia and Graphic production. An experienced editor knows how to combine these elements to give you an outstanding job.

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Don't risk inexperience it is more expensive in the long run.

More than 25 years editing experience Bruce Dawson has worked on more than 700 programs, 500 plus TV Commercials and numerous corporate video productions. A life time of television experience to assist you in your next production. We can handle productions on CD, DVD, Flash Memory, Videotape, or Web delivery. Phone us right away on 0417 643 221 to discuss your upcoming project.

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